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  1. How many kinds of transfers are there? 

    1. There are three types of transfers available within Dish Out, 1) Transfers made to Co-workers, 2) Transfers from the business to its staff, and 3) lastly transfers to bank accounts.

  1. How long do transfers take?

    1. Transfers from the business to staff members are instant and should appear in your Dish Out Balance immediately.

      1. These are tips being paid based on check out reports pulled from the POS, these are traditionally only sent to staff who conduct transactions directly with guests.

    2. Transfers between staff members are also instant, and will appear in your Dish Out balance immediately.

      1. These consist of tips being shared between co-workers and tips to hosts or bartenders for shifts worked together. 

    3. Bank Transfers – when moving funds from your Dish Out account into your personal bank account there are two options: 

      1. Standard – which typically takes 3-5 business days, depending on the day the transfer is initiated. The system is based on Central Standard Time, and must be accounted for to estimate the anticipated arrival of funds. This option is FREE.

      2. Expedited – This option is typically processed in 24 hours, but is also based on Central Standard Time. This option costs $4.50. 

  1. What are the transfer fees?

    1. The only transfer that has an associated cost are the ‘Fast’ (Expedited) bank transfers. All other transfers are FREE for all users.

  1. What if I don’t have a bank account?

    1. At this time, a bank account is required to use Dish Out.

  1. How does the app track my transfers/activity?

    1. Dish Out allows you to review all activity through the ‘History’ tap located in the bottom right corner of the Dish Out’s main page. There are two features that users can toggle between.

      1. Checkouts - this is all activity of transactions paid from the business to the user, each transaction includes the date, and the total tips. When you click on a specific date or transaction you are routed to the details of that check, which breaks down into Food, Alcohol, Tip Amount, Net Sales, and Total.

      2. Shared Tips - this is any transaction from one user to another, or transfers to personal banking. When you select a specific date it shows whether money was received or sent, and the other user involved, if any.


  1. Can transactions be reversed/canceled?

    1. No, individual transactions cannot be reversed or canceled by users. If money is sent accidentally, we recommend the recipient simply send the money back to the sending user.

  1. How quickly do I get tipped out?

    1. All checkouts are processed on a daily basis, during the systems close out. Tips are pulled directly from the company’s POS and uploaded into the administrative portal. The tips remain as pending until approved by management or ownership.

  1. Can I request my tips from co-workers?

    1. At this time you cannot make requests for tips from co-workers.

  1. How is my information protected or secured?

    1. Dish Out’s information security program is designed to meet or exceed industry standards, and we use many different controls to keep your personal information safe. Plaid is certified in internationally-recognized security standards, like ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and is SSAE18 SOC 2 compliant.

      1. Secondarily, Dwolla is used to process in-app transactions, user to user or business to user, this system verifies each user, and their banking information prior to allowing access to all app features.

  1. My transfer hasn’t gone through yet, what happened?

    1. There are two critical aspects to consider when making a transfer. 

      1. What time is it, and what day is it?

        1. Transfers made AFTER 10am PST (Pacific Standard Time) will not initiate on that same day, transactions will start processing first thing the following day. 

        2. Transfers made on Friday or Saturday may be delayed until the next Monday, depending upon your individual banking institution.

        3. Bank holidays celebrated on Monday will delay transactions until Tuesday, etc.

  1. Can I tip anyone at any time?

    1. Yes, as long as there are funds in your Dish Out account balance, you are able to tip any co-worker at any time. When you tip another staff member on a day without a check out, the sales breakdown will not be available for reference.

  1. Can I connect multiple bank accounts?

    1. No, not at this time, each user is limited to one bank account.

  1. How does the Dish Out App know what my tips are?

    1. Dish Out pulls directly from each business’ Point of Sale system, as the POS conducts its closing batch assessment, it communicates with Dish Out and generates a ‘checkout’ for each user who worked that shift, and received debit/credit card tips. 

  1. What if I don’t want to use the app for my tips?

    1. Dish Out is intended to be an easy and seamless platform that allows business owners to transfer tips owed in a more expedited way. New systems can be received as overwhelming or complicated especially when transitioning from an analog system to digital application. Each business will individually determine how to provide tips to staff members who opt out of participation.

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